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Become a Captain!

Bring in bets → earn 20% of our fees!

Each time you refer someone that makes a bet, receive 20% of the Crypto Sportz fee directly into your wallet.

Crypto Sportz has a 5% fee on all wagers. So enjoy 1% of every wager made by all your referrals. Refer as many people as you can - there’s no limit to the amount of ether you can make!

Start earning Captain’s rewards in 3 easy steps:

  1. Unlock your MetaMask account
  2. Copy your referral address from here
  3. Share with your friends and automatically receive ETH when they make bets. Forever!

We’ve made it easy for you to spread the word and earn more ether. Share your bets and team pride with your friends! After you’ve made a bet, you can click the social media links to share directly from our platform.

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Please note: referring yourself will not yield a commission. The destination wallet address HAS to be different from the address from which the bet is made. Referrals are tracked through cookies, you will receive the commission for as long as the user has a cookie on their computer. If they switch computers or clear cookies, visit the site from another link and change the cookie, you will stop receiving the fee.